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Monday, January 26th, 2004
4:05 pm - POEMS
Hey...check out my poems below...lemme know whatchathink

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3:57 pm - her we are
one day not long ago

time and space collided

and here we are

here we are

standing on sacred ground

watching the hours pass




one day not long ago

thought and deed divided

willing our words to life

writing to let them out




one day not long ago

mind and heart provided

the will to seek a touch

mending what's torn apart

moving in sync with fate




and here we are

here we are

a.byers 2003

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3:55 pm - a million miles
I’ve gone from good

To bad

And back again

I’ve lost my way

And found the time between now and then

I’ve seen the sun that sets ablaze the eastern skies

I’ve felt the full moons pull, upon an ocean of lies

I’ve walked a thousand miles through the desert of our sin

I’ve waited for the end

Only to have to begin again

I’ve seen the mountains rising up to greet me

I’ve seen the devil while you were kissing me sweetly

I’ve watched the seasons pass

And return with forgotten memories

I’ve weathered the coldest nights

And heard the sweetest melodies

I’ve walked through empty streets

Where hearts and lives were lost

I’ve wandered alone in my own mind

And pretended there was no cost

It feels like a million miles

With a million more to go

A million thoughts

A million trials

And million ways to grow

a.byers 2004

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3:55 pm - believe
adrift on unfamiliar currents

broken compass, no sign of land

hostile seas subside, I close my eyes

sails in flight, I reach for your hand

alone in unforgiving forests

the wind howls a strange serenade

blackened skies belie unanswered cries

as shadows and dreams , so shall they fade …

) a.byers 2003

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3:54 pm - TASTE

the moon suffers for your wounds

self inflicted

sweetly constricted

the ties that bind

retrace the lines

that set ablaze the fires

in your mind

the taste remains upon your tongue

long after the deed

indeed is done

another twisted memory

that you won’t recall tomorrow

its better than life for a moment or two

its all the things you thought you knew

it fills your mouth

but leaves you bare

it kicks you down

and leaves you there

and all that’s left

is that taste again

the taste of hate

the taste of alone

the taste of feeling

far from home

the taste of lust

the taste of greed

the taste of things you think you need

the dark surrounds the light you push aside

and keeps your eyes wide shut

not open wide

the night plays tricks

as you enjoy the ride

but daylight is just around the corner

and all that’s left

is that taste again

the taste of pain

the taste of sin

the taste of things that you put in

the taste of flesh

the taste of hell

the taste of a soul

that’s up for sale

) a.byers 2004

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
5:30 pm - OK I"M BACK...
Man its been a while but here i'm is agin...
I hope to be writing more veruh veruh soon yall!!!!

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Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
8:30 am - One day....I'll find a theme less random
It's Tuesday morning and all is well in my world.
I played guitar till 4 am.

current mood: working

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Friday, March 8th, 2002
10:36 am - Big plans for the weekend?
Well just hold your horses there flippy.
I got a story bout a flyin' pig that'll knock yer socks off.
That somebitch almost dangnear wrecked my brandnew 4 x 4.
Next time, I'll put the keys where he kain't get to em!!
Well, bigtime, I gotta go beat muh chickens.....

current mood: indescribable

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9:58 am - President Of Alaska
"If I ever become President of Alaska, I will buy those eskimo guys some heaters, cause damn...it's cold over there".

current mood: happy

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7:00 am - More Reflections........
"When I was a boy , I had a pet frog named Dennis. He was so carefree and froglike, that I just had to dress him up in my sisters' barbie clothes. Then he started acting all paranoid."

current mood: awake

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Thursday, March 7th, 2002
4:27 pm - Awkward Moments of Silence
"If you ever find yourself in one of those "awkward moments of silence", just pretend that you are an android who has been programmed to smell fear. That should teach them a lesson".

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3:40 pm - My first impression
One day, I was introduced to this lady. She told me something about someone. And then she went somewhere. I think she was old, or not. And then I walked around for awhile. That was a good day. I think.

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3:37 pm - Reflections.........
"One day, I will climb a mountain just to scream...."Hey, everybody, look at me, I just climbed this mountain"!!!!

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2:19 pm - Woke up today with a stuffy nose
Alergies suck.
Ive never had them before.

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